What We’re Reading, Watching, and Listening to this Holiday Season

December 16, 2020

With the holidays quickly approaching, we are looking forward to enjoying some relaxing downtime amidst the season’s hustle and bustle, and we are sure you are to! Keep reading to find out what our team is gearing up to read, watch, and listen to this holiday season.

Miranda, Creative Director, Partner
When asked this question back in May, I had recently finished watching Tiger King and was following comedian Mike Birbiglia’s Tip Your Waitstaff on Instagram. Now I’m watching The Crown and Dallas — the original from the 80s. I am only on Season 3 out of 14, so this should keep me occupied for the next several months.

I am also reading Mark Twain’s Life on the Mississippi. 2020 has been a cultural and emotional roller coaster.

Amanda, Digital Director, Partner
Since we last checked in at the start of quarantine (read that blog here), I still have not read anything. I do have a new hobby, however — making art out of old jewelry — so that has been occupying my free time. I started watching Roseanne from the beginning and play that in the background while I am “jewelry-ing.”

Cory, Associate Creative Director
Other than watching ALL of the typical holiday and Christmas movies (yes, even the cheesy Hallmark ones), I’m really looking forward to catching up on Netflix’s hit series, The Crown — especially since the newest season’s storyline features Princess Diana. I’m also excited to watch Selena: The Series. It should be very interesting to see how it compares to the movie which I grew up watching and loving. Another series I just recently binged was HBO’s The Undoing — which I strongly suggest if you like thrilling crime suspense stories! (I clearly watch too much tv.)

Regarding, what I’m listening to, it’s unfortunately not too cheerful for the holiday season. Wondery just-released season 2 of the podcast Dr. Death which covers the true stories of doctors who intentionally cause more harm than good. It’s definitely an alarming eye-opener.

Ed, Senior Art Director
‘Tis the season for holiday movies. We’ll probably watch all of the essentials – The Grinch, Home Alone, and Hallmark Original Hitched for the Holidays. My wife and I have also made a Christmas Eve tradition of watching It’s a Wonderful Life and sobbing uncontrollably at the end. I need my holiday movies in moderation though because they can get old really quickly. The same goes for holiday music. I can only take so much Burl Ives.

I also just re-listened to a podcast series called Hope Through History by writer/historian John Meacham. He highlights specific times of tribulation in American history, like the polio epidemic or Cuban Missile Crisis, and how “we” as a country responded. It’s just nice to be reassured that there is hope.

We hope we provided you with some new ways to keep yourself busy this holiday season, however, we also want to hear what you’re watching, reading, and listening to! Give us a shout-out with your recommendations on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, or Instagram!

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