10 Creative Ways to Keep Busy While Social Distancing

March 18, 2020

At Anda Creative, we are taking the Coronavirus/Covid-19 global pandemic very seriously. As of this week, all of our employees are working from home and are following the recommended social distancing practices. We believe it is our responsibility to keep others healthy, and we hope you do too.

However, since we consider ourselves to be highly creative, and since we also understand the hardships of being constricted to the walls within our living space, we decided it was up to us to come up with 10 creative ways to keep busy (and have some fun) during this time.

  1. Create a New Recipe Using Only Items You Have in Your Pantry
    I think by now, we have all realized how much of a luxury it was to get out of the house to go enjoy a meal cooked by someone else—whether it was McDonalds or the local sushi joint down the street. Since we like to view this unique time as an opportunity for personal growth, it’s time to test out your skills in the kitchen! Create a new recipe using only the items you have in your panty. To make it extra challenging, limit your ingredients or square off against your fellow social-distancing companion. You never know, you might be America’s next MasterChef!
  2. Spring Cleaning
    Spring is just around the corner…therefore, why not begin on your spring cleaning a bit early? Plus, it wouldn’t hurt with all of these extra germs floating around. Part of your spring-cleaning agenda should always include a complete closet clean out. Make sure to set aside the clothes that you haven’t worn in the last two years to donate!
  3. Break Out the Board Games and Puzzles
    Don’t just rely on your phone apps to keep you occupied. Gather your social distancing companions and break out your old board games and/or puzzles — I am sure they can use a good dusting off as well as some love right about now.
  4. Create Memories
    We don’t know about you, but we feel like time goes by way too fast sometimes. We often find it’s hard to sit down and really think about the past since we are so focused on the future. Take this time to not only create new memories but to also document the old. Begin organizing and sifting through old photos. Get online and begin designing some photo albums using one of the many online platforms who specialize in this.
  5. Begin a Blog or Start a Journal
    We are living in a very unique time right now. We are experiencing a global pandemic; one that not every generation has had to endure. Use this time to begin a blog or journal. Whether you are simply sharing what you did that day or using it as a tool to express how you are feeling, writing down your experience can be an interesting future read or a therapeutic means to get through this.
  6. Learn Another Language
    While multiple travel bans are currently in place, there will be a day where we can travel again. Start learning a new language or revisit one that you used to know. Perhaps make it your goal to be fluent and to book a trip as soon as you are able to.
  7. Stay Healthy with Exercise
    During this time, it is especially important to stay healthy both physically and mentally. While you can keep taking your vitamins, ensure you are also getting some exercise in to keep your endorphins high. There are so many free workout videos to utilize. Switch up the workout type to keep things new and exciting.
  8. Hold a Spa Day
    Pampering yourself is usually the first thing to go when you’re busy at and outside of work. However, now is a good time to break out the bubble bath, face masks and moisturizers! Treat yourself to a 10-step skin care routine or give yourself that needed manicure and pedicure. Go the extra step and make your own products!
  9. Start a Digital Book Club
    Now that we all have more time on our hands, gather your friends, download the same book, and hold a digital book club. There are so many multi-person conferencing platforms to use to hold your discussion, and many books have guided book club talking points included toward the back.
  10. Create an Adventure List
    Develop a list containing all of the things you want to do after the recommended social distancing. This includes restaurants you want to try, places you want to travel, museums and attractions you want to see. The list is limitless. Begin sharing online with your online network and have people add to your list.

These are just our 10 creative ways to keep busy during this time, but the possibilities are limitless. We encourage you to share this list with friends, and also come up with your own.

The future of our country lies in all of our hands — so let’s all do our part and stay healthy.

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