Deployed Resources Photoshoot in Lollapalooza

August 7, 2017

Anda Creative traveled to Chicago on Friday to photograph the impressive products and services of one of our clients. Deployed Resources supplied over 900 SANITRAX toilets, urinals, and sinks to support the 100,000+ people who attended this four-day event in Grant Park.

Event-goers were able to enjoy the vacuum-flush restrooms that are more similar to an indoor facility than your standard portable restrooms used at festivals in the past. Complete hygienic solutions like this help to set a positive tone for any event, festival, or concert. At festivals like Lollapalooza, a clean and hygienic system will encourage people to spend more money on food and beverages, knowing they will have access to comfortable and clean facilities.

We took several pre-event photos as well as photos throughout the day. The lines were never long, the units remained clean and comfortable, and everyone seemed to be in good spirits…partly due to a full day of great music, but we suspect mainly because of the pleasant restroom experience!



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