Ross-CASE Infographic and Report Design

May 10, 2017

We recently teamed up with CASE Europe to design the Ross-CASE Trends in Philanthropic Support for Higher Education infographic, as well as the full 2017 report Giving to Excellence: Generating Philantropic Support for UK Higher Education.

The CASE Europe organization has been successfully improving donations from year to year, and has now reached a big milestone by surpassing £1bn for the first time!


This is the second year in a row that we’ve designed the full Ross-CASE infographics and reports. We start by visualizing the data in a clear and succinct way. Once the main infographic design is complete, we expand on those infographics for additional infographics, charts, and graphs within the full report. Our goal is to present the information in a visually pleasing way, which also aids in a better understanding of the content. We’re happy how the infographics and report design turned out and we’re proud to be involved with such a worthy effort to improve fundraising for higher education. 

View the full Ross-CASE report here:

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