Three Generations of Wine Labels

September 13, 2011


During a recent visit to Viviano & Sons Grocery in the Hill neighborhood of St. Louis, I noticed a series of Spanish wines. Yes, my wine purchases are often influenced by the label. Not just because I believe a well-packaged product often rewards the buyer with a high quality product, but also because after the wine is long gone an empty bottle could last on top of a cabinet forever. Or it could be used for a craft project such as a candle holder or sand art container. Or it could be used to practice extreme juggling (stuff bottles with oily rags and light on fire, or break off the bottom of the bottle by hitting it on the side of a table) or ring toss.

The Matsu (Japanese for ‘to wait’) Winery practices sustainable viticulture in Toro, Spain. This collection of Matsu wine is represented by images of three generations whose personalities reflect each of the different wines: ‘El Pícaro’ (The Rogue), ‘El Recio’ (The Tough) and ‘El Viejo’ (The Old). It’s one of those great ideas that surprises me I haven’t seen before, but I particularly enjoyed seeing how strong the concept is when displayed as a series — they stood out from across the room. I’ll have to write a follow up post about whether or not the wines taste as good as they look.

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