No Parking is a proprietary brand created by Fulcrum Footwear, a company known for designing, producing, and managing fashion-forward footwear brands. To reenergize their No Parking brand for a well-known fashion retailer, Fulcrum Footwear teamed up with Anda Creative to bring their new vision to life. This brand overhaul included a new logo design, brand tagline, brand voice and key messaging, and a variety of print and packaging.


We started by creating a clean, bright logo to appeal to young, on-trend shoppers. We then developed a bold set of design elements and patterns to use throughout the rest of the branding. The branded materials use natural, organic, and unconstrained shapes, and the stylized photos convey a positive, “go with the flow” lifestyle.

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Product Packaging, Tags, and Labels

The No Parking packaging, which includes a shoebox and hangtag, reinforces the brand message by including the new brand slogan — Keep Moving Forward — on each of their designs.

Store Fixtures and Pop Displays

In-store signage, fixtures, and displays were also developed to catch the attention of in-store shoppers.