Containerized Resources is a Rome, New York-based business providing innovative and mobile structures built from repurposed shipping containers. From the ground up, Anda Creative worked with Containerized Resources to develop their sophisticated branding system, including a new logo design, brand identity, website design and development, social media, 3D modeling, and so much more.


We began their branding with a logo design. To demonstrate the work they do, we developed an icon to accompany their name. This icon is modeled after their starting point for each project they work on—an ISO shipping container. During this phase, brand colors were established with a style guide. The selection of bold colors reflects the innovation put into each custom build.

Web & Digital

Website Design & Development

As their business was just launching, a website best showcases the work they do as they build their clientele. We developed a responsive, custom-designed website which allows potential consumers to easily connect and learn more.

Web Application Development

In addition to their new website, we launched a separate web application to inspire creativity among potential customers of Containerized Resources. This innovative and highly robust application allows the user to create a custom build of their own and then save, share or submit the design when completed.

Social Media

To enhance their brand awareness online, we created a series of custom animations to use across their social media platforms. Since video marketing is an effective method across all social channels, we knew these informative, eye-catching motion graphics would provide a glimpse into their unique build process and capabilities.

Video & Animation

3D Modeling

To illustrate their custom build capabilities, a variety of custom build prototypes were developed to showcase how they could easily turn a standard shipping container into a trendy restaurant, boutique, or even coffee shop. These 3D models help potential customers visualize what their custom build could look like. We helped with concepting, branding, designing, and developing the 3D models and renderings.

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