National Poem In Your Pocket Day

April 26, 2012

Today is national Poem In Your Pocket Day, so we’ve written a few art/design-related poems for anybody’s pockets.  The idea is to select a poem you like, put it in your pocket and share it throughout the day with co-workers, family, friends and enemies who will then become your friend after hearing your poem. Use one of ours or make your own. If you feel creative, send us your own art/design-related poems. Limericks seem to be the style of choice for Anda, but we welcome all types of poetry.


There once was a graphic designer,
Not the daughter of a coal miner;
She didn’t sing songs,
She built brands and blogs,
Everything was made to look finer.

There once was a young one named Roy,
Who was a colorful little boy;
He had knowledge to give,
Because his last name was Biv,
G. he’s the spectrum of joy.

Oh how I love the primaries,
Not the Newts vs. Romneys;
The yellows and blues,
And also reds, too,
Mixed: oranges, violets and greenies.

There once was a blogger named Fay,
Whose writing was in a bit of disarray;
She had to keep going,
Content she needed to be showing,
Or the client she works for won’t pay.

And a failed attempt at haiku:

Designer writing poem
Not a natural medium for her

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