Illustrator Adam Dant’s exhibition, From the Library of Dr. London

September 13, 2012


From the Library of Dr. London, by Adam Dant

During my last couple of trips to visit my brother and family in London, I have admired illustrator Adam Dant’s The Map of Spitalfields Life hanging in their hallway, so I was happy to hear we’d have the opportunity to see Dant’s current exhibition From the Library of Dr. London during this most recent visit.

The show includes a series of large-scale, highly detailed, illustrated (ink) interpretations of several big cities: London, Paris, Zurich, Istanbul, New York and Tokyo.

Following these maps may lead you to some unexpected points of interest, but I highly suggest a visit to see them if you find yourself in the East End. If not, check out some of his other works.

Exhibition at Hales Gallery, September 7 – October 6
Tea Building
7 Bethnal Green Road
London EI 6LA

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