The Miracle of Style Guides

March 26, 2013

Redesigning a logo should not end with just a logo. Anda recognizes the importance of supporting and maintaining a strong brand through consistent logo usage. Can the logo be converted to greyscale? When should you use the tagline? What kind of graphics and images should be used with the logo? Hopefully these are the kinds of questions that arise when working with a new or redesigned brand. If not, then the users of the new logo are likely making these decisions on their own, which may not reflect the best branding practices. This is where Anda’s experience with brand and style guide books comes in. We recently worked with Miracle Recreation Equipment Company to create a thorough style guide and to map proper usage for the newly redesigned brand. The guide was created to introduce the oldest and largest commercial playground equipment manufacturer in the United States in a new light and to promote consistent usage.

See more images of the style guide in our portfolio.


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