Richard S., CEO

Deployed Resources

“Anda Creative has been a proven ally that has exponentially grown our business with their forward thinking and innovative vision in establishing our strategic marketing platform, global branding, and focused social media presence. From print media, advertising management, trade show development, and “one pager” customer specific marketing endeavors, Anda Creative has been a proven partner in developing our strategic branding solutions, developing company guidelines and facilitating worldwide announcements of our valuable solutions.

Their team has been integral in our sustained growth as the developers of our apps, website, employee/customer portals, online marketing interface, IT support, Secure Remote Data Storage and social media management. We used to be a small veteran owned business and as we continued to grow, Anda Creative enabled growth for us to become a Large Business in the US government contracted services market. This was not an easy task. Instrumental to our success was Anda’s Customer First philosophy. Miranda and Amanda took ownership of our business needs and extended every effort to engage our staff to ensure every requirement we had, current and future, were met without delay. Miranda and Amanda would demand we gave them what our end game was – so they could ensure we arrived as planned within our expectations – financially, strategically and sustainably creating a WIN WIN WIN.

As a small business at heart, Anda Creative – from the owners, Miranda and Amanda, to everyone on their team, they truly understand and deliver Customer Satisfaction. I personally have called both owners at 9pm on a Friday or at 10am on a Sunday during a holiday weekend and they have always responded immediately and delivered solutions that allowed us to continue to support our customers with problem free service. Anda Creative is a valued part of our solutions for our customers. Looking back in 20/20 vision – we would not do anything different other than bring Anda Creative in years earlier than we actually did.”

Paula O., Head of Marketing & Communications

CASE Europe

“Anda Creative really listens to our needs and they deliver high quality results every time. They are highly professional and understand what we want to achieve delivering professional, friendly service. Highly recommended!”

Mardel R., Director of Communications

AgriEnergy Resources

“We love working with Anda Creative! No matter how crazy our ideas are, they always bring them to life in such a colorful, engaging way! They’re easy to collaborate with, thus making it fun to work with them. I’d highly recommend Anda Creative to anyone looking for some design and marketing help.”

Brad T., Owner

B.E.S.T. Wealth Management

“Working with Amanda and Miranda at Anda Creative was a great experience. They helped us to re-design our brand, design a new logo, and completely revamp our website. We have received many compliments on the changes. In fact, one person found our website online and called to asked questions about who developed it. We could not be more pleased with the process and the end product.”

Bob D., Former Group CEO

MBT Global

“MBT engaged Anda Creative, after a rigorous vetting process, to create the brands’ first consumer website to support and communicate the look, tone, feel and technical product information for the brands’ critically important entry/launch into the performance running footwear category.

We worked closely with Amanda and her team in identifying the needs, approach, structure and final creative and detailed executions. All along the way Amanda was very collaborative, listened well, addressed our questions and suggestions in a very timely way.

I felt the final creative product was outstanding, easy to use for the consumer and enhanced the MBT brand. Additionally, I believe the value received for the cost of the project was quite high and the fees charged, which were discussed during the RFP process, were very fair and reasonable.

I highly recommend Anda Creative and would use them again without hesitation.”

Alvin B., General Manager


“When we met Anda Creative at the MOSES Organic Conference in 2015, I asked them if they could do some design work for us. I did not have any idea of the level of service that would come with it, as we were looking for some packaging designs as well as website assistance. We feel we hired a highly professional marketing team as they always do a great job with designing and scheduling ads, creating trade show booth graphics, and designing brochures on short notice. They also did a great job developing our NEMO website, along with developing two other websites for additional businesses. They have exceeded our expectations – Amanda will always go to bat for her customers.”

Ben S., Sales Manager

Natural Hope Herbals

“Anda Creative is a very professional design company with highly experienced designers. I can say they have exceeded our expectations. Initially, their promptness and creativity caught our attention and we haven’t been disappointed. Since we started the rebranding project, a lot of ground has been covered, including refinements to our logo, product labels, website, ads, and promotional items. With hundreds of product labels and details galore, they have stood up to the test well. They are well-organized and easy to work with.”

Gilbert H.

Prairie Hybrids and Prairie Choice Grains

“Anda Creative has done a very professional job with getting the feel of what our customers want, and making it look very attractive and eye-catching to the end users.”